Monday, September 27, 2010

new week.

rough night. things will be better though. oh, and i changed my mind. guys are assholes, yes. the majority of guys are giant, nasty, awful chodes. true statement. however, not all guys fit into this category. strange, i know. but it's true. but things will be better now.
i think William Shakespeare said it best:
"Honesty is the best policy. If I lose mine honor, I lose myself."
deal. thank you Willy for summing up the majority of my evening. it's okay though.
- dear nice boy: thanks.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

an update.

i must say, i deeply apologize for my lack of attentiveness in the blog department. you know college, it will grab hold of you with its claws of craziness and swing you around in circles until you feel like you're going to hurl. and when it finally sets you back down after about two or three weeks of straight nausea and adjusting to the dizziness, it can take you a moment or two to find some natural balance in your life again. however, i can proudly say that i've successfully found it (for the most part). of course, i still have issues i need to adjust. for example, i still can't get into the habit of studying. mom/dad, if you're reading this, rest assured that your college investments aren't going to waste. i'm doing a good job of working things out, and finding the time to get in everything that needs to be done. i have a feeling my marks won't disappoint (or that's what i hope..) but thanks for believing me when i tell you i have everything under control..even though i usually don't..and always being there to help me with anything at anytime. you guys are truly the bees knees. a few other updates. over the past few weeks i have traded and given away (or had snatched off my wrist) many of my colorful silly bands. the man who i stalked and placed pictures all over the internet of found me on facebook (do not ask me how, i was too afraid to ask him myself) which was most likely the most embarrassing moment of my life. i participated in a charity walk for NAMI (an organization which promotes research of mental illness and providing excellent rehab services), and have made a mess of my room over and over and over. my milk went sour once again, and i have painted my nails about 20 total times (and am currently not wearing any, due to the fact that i peeled it off in writing today. bad habit.) i spend the majority of my time over at the Kappa Sigma fraternity, and those boys are too incredible. have to give a little shout out to them. i love you all dearly. i eat a cheddar pull-apart from the pie about every two weeks, and that sugary ranch dressing adds quite the kick. oh, and my roomies and i are basically in love with each other:) it honestly couldn't be a better situation. i'm currently listening to john mayer, and living at ease, although i have a family studies midterm tomorrow morning which i may or may not be prepared for. all in all, college is truly amazing. it definitely throws a curveball at me every now and again (neighbors above me, whoever you are...i would prefer it if i didn't have to listen to your music with you. it's not that i don't like underground hip hop, i just can't hear myself think, that's all. turn it off, or at least a few notches lower. srsly.) love you college. see you tomorrow<3:)
shout outs:
- to my bf paula: i love our open relationship and miss you way more than anyone should. last weekend was mediocre. next time i see you, we're gonna bake...and i mean that.
- to my kappa sigma boys: i realize i already mentioned you previously, but i basically live at your house, and you don't make me pay for rent or any of your resources. i just love hangin with you guys. for realzies. thanks for always making me feel welcome and right at home. you guys are the tits:)
- to my professors: i'm sorry for peeling my nail polish off and leaving it under your desks..i realize it creates a mess. i promise, it's a habit i'm trying to break. (oh, and professor kaufman, sorry my paper sucks. alright, that's all.)
- to bre: thanks for friday visits:) college is better than i could have ever imagined, and i'm so glad to have you right here, next door to me at our good friend Westminny. love you chummet<3
- to mom and dad: you're my mom and dad. so of course you get a dedication. duh. love you guys:) tell marshall and the pupps i say hey. i miss them so much.

til we meet again fellow bloggers. ciao.