Friday, October 21, 2011

this song, this is for you.

so there's this guy that's increeeedibly talented,
and his name is shawn.
we wrote a song together and webcammed the shit out of it.
i look like a nervous wreck.
but he looks like a cutie hahahah :)
so check him out!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

fall break as the vibrant sees it.

fall break calls for exciting and silly times.
allow yourself to be consumed for a moment by a few as-of-late pictures if your noggin is yearning for a bit of a mariss-update.
just a few things i did this week :)
spent some quality time with these guys :)

i drove through and around all sorts of rainbows on a little road trip to Logan :)

homemade caramel apples with the best friend. 
maggie moo's ice cream with the chummet.
just as good i remember it being the day i quit 3 years ago :)

wasting away days with the booboo <3

& attending "classy" parties :)

but the best part had to be visiting with very much missed and loved friends :))

looking forward to the next few days and more good times.

to the danish boys i've missed so very much:
i just know i will revert back to as sad as i was when you left last time.
it won't be pretty.
so just stay :)