Saturday, April 28, 2012

say sayonara..

and konnichiwa ;)
to my new & improved blog
gunmetal & daisy petals!
check'er out!

Monday, January 2, 2012

so that's why they call them the steelers..

as mentioned in the previous post, 
i happened on a bit of a vacation this week :)
my good friend gavin and i surprised his roomie, aka. my unsuspecting boyfriend, shawn, while he was away for winter break in his hometown..
if i had been smart enough to catch his reaction on a video camera it would most certainly be found in this post.
unfortunately, that adorable moment when he dropped his coffee will only be captured in mine and gavin's memories forever.
wish you could have seen it though ;)
we spent those 4 days exploring every nook and cranny of the city,
and indulging in some of the most delicious food i have ever had the pleasure of tasting.
we spent time with some wonderful people, experienced the "eighth world wonder", and took in what had to be some of the most beautiful views the city has to offer.
it also didn't hurt that after a week and a half of no boyfriend,
i got to spend a few days catching up with my favorite guy <3
gavin was such a trooper and handled the kissing and cuddling with ease,
and i couldn't thank him enough for his way too generous christmas gift of a free trip to pittsburgh. 
sadly, the day had to come when reaching the airport on time was our priority for the day's agenda,
and i must admit that i left a bit of my heart in that beautiful city and with that beautiful family. 
dear pittsburgh, i do that hope we meet again ;)
at the Eat-N-Park :)
Baby G :)
mount washington
pittsbarrrgh :)
our wonderful pittsburgh family :)
fancy night!
don't know how i got so lucky <3
primanti bros!! so damn good.

xoxo :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the holidays 2011 :)

now that fall semester 2011 has finally come to an end,
i am currently back in draper with the family for the holidays :)
it was so nice to come home to a real christmas tree instead of having to to stare at the dinky and unlit excuse of a tree in my apartment. 
and as much as i hate living in the state which claims the greatest snow on earth,
i'm actually surprising myself by wishing for at least a bit of snowfall come christmas morning.

it would seem that i may never want to leave this quaint draper home.
next week i will be leaving for a few days to a faraway land i've never visited before.
a land vast with evergreens, wannabe mountains, and football crazed fans.
it's a surprise though for a certain someone,
so i can't say much for fear of whispering readers ;)

you'll find out soon enough though!!
 should be exciting :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

you know it's finals week when..

is it really any surprise that i have a comprehensive exam tomorrow morning at 8 am,
and for the past 3-4 hours i have found literally every excuse to not study, all?
however, i have been productive in a few other departments over the past couple of long, and grueling hours..
shall we go in order of occurrence?
  • spent some needed quality time with myself in the shower, razoring away at already shaved legs and wasting Dove conditioner (which i now am out of and have to buy).
  • grocery shop with money i actually do not currently have
    (so long debit account..)
  • engorge myself in the fbook as well as the adorable puppy videos that happen to grace the top of my news feed.
  • successfully remove all existing nail polish, and proceed to repaint both my fingernails and toenails, complete with a sparkly top coat as well as a rapid dry top coat.
  • text the boyfriend for some helpful tips on motivation.
i think it's safe to say i haven't been studying for this final..

so here i sit,
freshly showered and with a stomach gorged on cheap tortilla chips and spinach dip that i really shouldn't have bought,
exhausting my last effort before the last 4-5 hour (tops) crackdown,
followed by a good two hours of useless sleep.

so, if you happen to be one of those sad excuses of a college student,
 who we all know is quietly suffering alone in your apartment, dreading what you know you really can't avoid any longer,
here's a little something to distract you for a good 59 seconds.

omggaaaaawwwwshhhhh so cuuuuute :)))

okay. now get back to work.
wishmeluck! <3

Thursday, December 8, 2011

imma be under the mistletoeee ;)

the biebs seems to know what he's talking about these days.
good for him.
now push play and scroll.

feel free to adore this blossoming romance. 
he even lets me dress him in uggo sweaters.
it really is the most wonderful time of the year :)
xoxo <3

Friday, November 18, 2011

jff (aka. just for fun.)

this is what i look like today.
i am so bored.

funny how i have nothing interesting to blog about?
i'm listening to john mayer on repeat.
am i avoiding homework?
it's possible. 
i bet you thought that was interesting enough.

i'll provide a better update soon.

also thanksgiving is coming up.
so in the spirit of thanksgiving,
i present to you my good friends.
i'll be spending turkey day with these little buggers :)
it's gonna be a good time i just know it.


Friday, October 21, 2011

this song, this is for you.

so there's this guy that's increeeedibly talented,
and his name is shawn.
we wrote a song together and webcammed the shit out of it.
i look like a nervous wreck.
but he looks like a cutie hahahah :)
so check him out!