Tuesday, May 31, 2011

be sure to wear flowers in your hair..

if you're going to san francisco..

like i did sayyyy,
about two weeks ago.
p.s. post title refers to my theme song for the trip to touristy sanfran.
-- a.k.a. San Francisco by one Scott McKenzie --

i realize i am terrible at keeping up with my bloggity.
so i will now rant.
as previously stated
i recently went/returned from the ever-so-crafty
 (and cultural)
city of San Francisco.
boy was it neat.
and not just neat but like frkkn awesome.
and not only frkkn awesome,
but it also made me feel like shit about myself,
which i believe is sometimes necessary to remind myself to stay humble.
it was a slap in the face and a punch in the stomach,
and i totally loved it.
i realized and/or learned a few personally valuable lessons while in this beautiful city.
1. it is not okay to just live comfortably.
2. stepping outside your comfort zone and broadening your horizons is healthy, and i highly, highly recommend it.
3. love does not care about your sexuality.
4. poetry does not have to be a drag.
5. it is possible to be 100% honest with people you have known for only a week.
6. walking 13 miles in one day is not easy on the right hip.
7. listen.
8. you can't love both God and money. you just can't.
9. i may hate politics, but Jesus was at least informed, so maybe i should be too.
10. appreciate and give.
11. "to be unforgiving is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die."
12. ethnic food tasting such as filipino delicacies can be totally disgusting but the locals just love it.
13. if you participate in something called bay to breakers, you will see lots and lots of penises.. like probably a hundred or so.
14. the castro district has the best bakery in the world.
15. the GG bridge is the coolest part of sanfran.. jk. it's def not.
but it was kewl :)
16. hostels are gross but also fun, and part of the experience.
17. it is possible to find beauty and light in even what may seem to be the most devastating of places.

and yes. while in san francisco,
i met some gentle people there.

- to my fellow sanfranners: i totally love you.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

strawberry swing.

so here i sit.
once again, at a ridiculously late hour, 4:00 a.m. to be exact.
the only difference between this time and every time before is that i don't have somewhere to be tomorrow,
and that somewhere being class.
is FINALLY here :)
it's about time if you were to ask me.
the seasons seem to be a bit confused this time around.
i have a feeling we'll be skipping right over spring during 2011.
a short list of things i will be doing over the next few lovely summer months:
- traveling to ye old san franciso with a small group of people from the church i've been attending. can't. wait.
- traveling with the fambam to beautiful mexico. cabo san lucas to be preeecise. kenz is coming with us :) i love when i'm allowed to invite friends.
- house hunting!
- enjoying myself.

it is about damn time.

to my freshman year of college: you had your ups and downs, 
but i can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve for next year.
let's try to keep the majority of it on the positive side.