Monday, November 29, 2010


so here i sit at the airport with wayy to much time on my hands, and a computer battery that's draining a bit more minute by minute.
in the spirit of giving thanks due to this past weekend's festivities, i would like to share a bit of what i am thankful for (more or less).
- my family: although we can be at each others throats about 75% of the day, the remaining 25% are what make me remember how thankful i am for this crazy, little bunch of people. sometimes it's just the tiniest things that remind me why i love spending time with my family.
like traveling first class (for the first time ever) in a seat next to my mom while she sips on rum and coke and i make silly alcoholic jokes to her. or meowing to every song that comes on the radio and horrifically singing along to christmas classics while marshall tells me he's gonna hit me if i don't shut up, and dad says i'm funny.
like cheering on my bro during soccer tourneys, game after game, even though the blistering winter wind is continually smacking me in the face, and all i really want to do is go back in the nice warm rental car with the tush toasters and the satellite radio.
like rushing to get to the airport at 4 in the morning, and whoever is out the door last is a rotten egg and is making life harder for everyone, until we reach the airport gate and learn our flight has been moved to a later time. then we all sit spaced out by at least one seat on the same row of chairs, crankily pouting and mad at life. no longer solely mad at each other, but joining hands and uniting in anger at delta airlines. family. oh yeah.
- my home: it always takes being away from home for at least a few days for me to realize, not only how much i love salt lake, but how much i love living there. i mean, vegas can be fun for a couple hours as long as you're shopping. but it's moments like these when i'm just ready to be home. moments when i think about my puppies and hope they're doing okay in the cold. when i think about my friends back home and can't wait to see them. even after only 4 days. so yes, even i, the girl who's least favorite season is winter and cannot stand the snow, am excited to return to the city coated in a thick, white blanket. salt lake, i'm comin.
- my faith: being away at college can certainly take a toll on your relationship with Christ. i walked onto campus hoping my faith would withstand the forces of temptation, and stay invincible forever. however, it has proven to be more difficult as i find myself making less and less time for Him every day. over this weekend, away from everyday distractions, i focused a bit more on, once again, making Christ a part of my daily life. i'm nowhere near where i should be, or where i once was, but i'm working on it. i am so grateful that despite distractions and temptations, i found that i haven't let go of my faith nearly as much as i thought i had. that is truly something to be thankful for.
- my education: i have the opportunity to attend an amazing college, and work towards a degree that will assist me in becoming whoever, and whatever i choose (even if i don't know what that is yet). i am able to be taught by great professors and have as much assistance available to me as needed. i am so thankful to be financially supported by my parents, and know that they will continue to support me throughout my life. i am proud to say that i am pushed to do my best in all i come face to face with, and that i feel i have been pretty successful thus far in my college career.
so thanks. that's all i have to say. thanks.

to the broskie: happy bday <3

Sunday, November 21, 2010

rock me mama like a wagon wheel.

this paper isn't going to get written. 
college is honestly wearing me out these days. it's time for a break.
a much needed break. 
THANKSgiving. thank you for the break. that is why i am giving thanks this year.
i'm ready to escape to vegas for 4 days this thursday.
how i do enjoy the old vegas. 
it was a weary day today.
it's snowy.
i hope there's no snow in vegas.
it's alright from indoors i suppose.
i suppose the white blanket can be appealing when i'm not trampling all over it.
apparently i'm just confused.
i've turned my room into a sauna so the chill from outside won't creep through my window.
walk into my room and you'll pass through a wall of heat.
my roommates think i'm crazy:)
so instead of writing my paper tonight, 
i've succeeded in repainting both my finger & toenails, made a bowl of mashed potatoes (and a turkey sandwich to compliment it), sipped on hot cocoa, and vented to kenz about stupid shit.
this paper isn't going to get written.
oh. did i mention i'm cursed?
i am. totally. i totally am.
ask me how much of this 7-9 pg paper i've written.
actually, don't ask.
because it's too much of an embarrassment and i don't want to talk about it, okay?
mel and i uploaded more youtube vids.
one of them has become semi-famous i suppose you could say at a whopping
293 views!!! (and counting.)
we super love our biggest fans.
especially the ones who tell us to dance in somethin a little tighter,
like panties. or bikinis.
thanks for your creeper messages. 
don't worry, we definitely User Blocked you suckers.
next big thing. i'm tellin ya.
we're gonna be on ellen. and dr. phil.
maybe we'll make t-shirts. any requests?
this paper isn't going to get written.
- to the pilgrims and the indians: thanks for existing so i can have a few extra days of school off.
- to the paper: go to hell.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wanna see something funny?

then watch this.

i should be doing homework.

i suppose it's time for another needed update. it's been a while since i actually provided any legitimate information regarding what i've been up to and the like. well, the answer to that is nothing. i feel like college really isn't as difficult as everyone makes it out to be. i hardly feel stressed at all. i mean, i suppose i feel a bit stressed at this moment because i skipped my last family studies class and now it's 12:53 a.m. and it turns out that i have an exam next class that i didn't know i had (don't worry mom, i printed out the study guide and am getting right on that....right after i'm done with this) and now it's biting me in the ass juuuuust a bit. anywho, the past few months have actually been moving along quite swiftly, and it has honestly been a blast. it's super hard to believe the semester is almost over. so here's a bit of an overview of the past few months. i love october. for reals. i love that during october fall is juuuuust starting to happen so it's not unbearably hot, but also not out-of-control freezing like i hate. i hiked timpanogos with my fambam and the youth group:) turns out i'm wayyy more out of shape than i thought. i still continually spend nearly every waking moment at kappa sig. i lovelovelove those boys and feel so incredibly blessed to be able to spend time with all of them<333 for halloween, i was mistaken multiple times as a "beer maiden," but no. i was candy corn. and how i just adore halloween. henry and i went trick-or-treating (he was the only one willing to go with me..) and you know what? we were criticized and ridiculed time and time again. supposedly, we were embarrassing and disgraceful, and there was no way we would have any luck hunting for candy on a sunday. needless to say, they were quite apologetic when i returned nearly an hour later equipped with a massive bag full of chocolatey goods:)) except then they attacked me which was so. not. cool. speaking of chocolate, a couple friends and i visited Hatch Family Chocolates, and if you don't know what that is, then you don't watch enough t.v., and shame on you. it recently started to get really cold, and has been snowing a bit. i think maybe this winter i'll try to enjoy the snow a bit. maybe get out and ski or something. however, it's not likely. i went grocery shopping a couple days ago, and just guess who is already almost out of chips and guacamole? this girl. i'm in search of a job, except not really. i set up my classes for spring semester and i'm very excited to be taking yoooga:) i love having required exercise already planned for me. it's really just so handy. lately, i've been listening to a lot of country music, and have a new favorite song of the day: If I Die Young by The Band Perry. you should be currently, or have just listened to it. and also, i'm not really concerned about stupid things at the moment. i kind of like it that way:) i cleaned my room thoroughly, i think it was sunday night. it's dirty again. it's tuesday. my newest favorite nail polish is Foiled Rotten by N.Y.C. and it's not even mine. i stole it from kenz...sorry.. z and i got a rat:) her name is Lola and she is the cutest little thing. unfortunately, Lola the rat hates me. i visited some of my good friends up at USU in logan over the weekend, and had a total blastyblast:) i purchased about a million bags of on-sale halloween candy, which actually turned out not to be on sale, and am currently munching on a fun-size kit kat:) kenz and i have retrieved nearly the entire building of 814's name tags, but still are working on obtaining the rest from our hall. if you were to look into our room from the parking lot, you would first notice the multi-colored christmas lights framing our 2nd floor window, and then would soon after catch a glimpse of the many different paper name cards placed creatively all over the back of our door. the cutest:) however, it would appear that kenz and i aren't the only pranksters of building 814. coming home one day and finding a rotten and squished pumpkin outside of our front door was most likely my least favorite thing in a long time. it was also really cool when i tried to move it and the pumpkin moldiness fell into itself and squished into our floor. don't worry, the pumpkin was eventually removed. however, each time i reach the top of the stairwell, and fling open the door, the stench of rotting pumpkin still lingers in the goop stained carpet. i mentioned in a previous blog that the shithead above me liked to blast his music a bit too loud. it was, at the time, just a bit disconcerting. here's the cool part. it's worse now. if i didn't know any better, i would very likely assume that living above me are four 500 lb. men who get their kicks out of pacing the floors, tipping over filing cabinets, and cranking their underground, techno rap to the absolute highest decibel. pounding on the ceiling has worked in the past, but they've gotten clever and now only pound back. it is much more often that i find myself reaching for my earplugs and ibuprofen. assholes. last night, kenz, melody, and i watched nick and norah's infinite playlist while sipping on hot cocoa (even though mine wasn't equipped with the baby marshmallows..bummer..) and it was just soooooooo delightful, i tell ya:) i've been visiting home quite a bit more often. sometimes i just super miss the fam and the pupps. it is just the worst. well, it's definitely 1:16 a.m. and i certainly have some studying to get in. so i guess this is it. au revoir.
- to mom & dad & bro & pupps: i love you:)
- to the Danish boys: don't go.

Monday, November 1, 2010

i hate fudge.

What is your favorite Kool-Aid flavor? the blue kind. 
like a laptop? uhh yeahh. 
my bro's soccer game against La Roca. booooooooo.
honestly, after an incident in New Orleans, i hate fudge. 
like gets all foamy? yes. in fact, i would like to try out that new toothpaste i saw on tv the other day, i think it's Crest, but supposedly it gets super foamy and gets allllll the plaque around your gums and stuff. 
i believe that if God wills it, then yes. if not, then no. 
i lost my ipod:(
i don't think so..
uh yeah. as long as it's not excessive and crazy..i think..
long time ago. shame. 
i don't even know. i don't think i necessarily think of anything as being overrated. 
sure do:) marissalynne1. skype me. 
white with pixelated, black butterflies on it:)
i don't remember. 
myself. i make the same mistakes over and over and expect different results each time. 
sure do:)
ohhh. i don't know how old she is. 
if i had to get a tattoo it would be the one i already have that says Faith and is on my left shoulder blade. 
what the?
highlighter yellow. 
KLOVE or AirOne. 
a small black on that works. 
currently? 0. 
don't think so. 
about 2 or so weeks ago. 
there have been too many things to name one. 
a little over a year. 
never read the newspaper. 
spiders, chainsaws and needles. 
not usually. 
not really bad, just really short. 
i'm not sure. i've seen a lot of scary movies and i love them. i thought the second Paranormal Activity was pretty terrifying in theaters. i loved it. 
attempted and failed. 
i do noooot. 
a long time ago.
i...don't know..
my birthday is on april fool's day, sooooo yeah:)