Sunday, October 10, 2010


court. i adore you. sorry if these answers are just not good enough.
1. what is your absolute favorite line from a movie? there are so many. and as classy as it is, the majority of my favorite quotes lie within the ever so cleverly crafted script of the The Hangover. that movie could honestly be considered my favorite quote.
2. what is your favorite halloween tradition? once again. there are so so many. halloween is without a doubt in my top 3 favorite holidays. i absolutely love it, so i soak it all up. favorite traditions in no particular order.
a. trying on tons and tons and tons of extravagant halloween costumes until i find the one i can't leave without.
b. trick-or-treating. a no brainer. who doesn't love running around in the chilly october air, begging for goods on neighbors' doorsteps?
c. trading trick-or-treating candy. if i'm not up to my chest in delicious Reese's peanut butter cups there will be hell to pay. (fitting for this devilish holiday, i know.)
d. carving pumpkins. classic.
3. what is your favorite seasonal clothing to wear and why? let me just tell you.
winter: nice looking jackets. why? i honestly couldn't tell you. maybe it's because when you wear something nice looking you feel sort of good about yourself...?
spring: spring is when i break out the flip-flops or begin walking barefoot. pretty much one of the most freeing feelings ever after having your feet bundled up day in and day out due to gross snow that sticks around for wayyyy too long.
summer: shorts. i love shorts. why? because i hate jeans. so uncomfortable. i take advantage of shorts weather, and continue wearing them well into the coming seasons.
fall: sweats. who doesn't love sweats.
4. what is your favorite part about weddings? i hate myself for the fact that i have never been to a wedding. but if i had been, i would love watching the bride and groom together. completely and 100% in awe of each other.
5. at what point in your day do you find yourself the most exhausted? at times like these, when i've just spent the day treading a close to 4 mile hike. that usually wears me out a little.
6. in all seriousness, what could you just honestly not live without? in all seriousness? this is hard. disregarding food, water, and shelter..and considering that "what" is not "who", as terrible as it is, i would find it pretty difficult to live without my laptop. i'm not saying i COULD NOT survive without it, because after contemplating this question for about 5 minutes, there are not many objects i really couldn't live without. however, my computer holds quite a few things that i find incredibly useful on a day to day basis (fbook not being one of them.....jk) and it would be, without a doubt, not as fun to not have it around for my convenience. judge me as you will.
7. if you could be anyone in the world, this century or before, who would you choose to be? i'm not going to even try to bullshit this one. i honestly don't know enough about history to be able to even remotely answer this question.
8. what is your favorite way to unwind from a completely ridiculous day full of chaos? HOT SHOWER. and fbook. and blog. maybe a good cry, and cuddle with my pupps:)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

all better.

honesty is a virtue and life isn't so bad:)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i realize this post is lame.

sometimes in life, you have to accept things the way they are. whether you want to or not. it's really not up to you. or me in this case. it's starting to catch up with me. acceptance is beginning to occur again. realization is beginning to occur again. yeah this is not the most fun part of my day. i hate realization. also realizing that i have been very negative lately. i need to knock that off i think. i've had just about enough of that.
this dedication goes to Jesus Christ- thanks for listening to my million prayers a billion thousand times a day. i know i'm a whiny bitch, so thanks for sticking it out with me. love you long time.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

least favorite thing.

least favorite thing= situations. i hate situations. why? because it's a situation, and i never seem to be able to figure those out. i am in such a rut. such confusion. it's honestly a bit ridic to say the least. i shouldn't be this hot and bothered. i really shouldn't. but guess what. i am. guess why? i'm in a situation. what are you supposed to do when you can't make up your mind, or they can't make up theirs, or maybe they/you already did but you don't even know it? do you wait it out? because that's what i do. my non-action is usually the only solution i can come up with to situations. i sit back and ride it out. usually i do that. i just don't know if i can keep doing that. this situation has really got me annoyed. maybe i don't want to sit back. maybe i want answers. now. ay ay ay. not easy. not fun. i just need to get that off my chest. i just need to blog about a situation that i can't figure out.
to the person i am blogging about- you really don't even deserve to be mentioned in my blog.