Saturday, July 31, 2010

oh, hey future.

i'm beginning to realize that everything is changing. like...seriously changing. i move out in less than 20 days, and some of my best friends are moving 2 hours away from me. i still don't think it's actually hit me. i haven't even gotten anything for my dorm yet, let alone picked a theme. everything's changing. i'm not usually the type of person who is accustomed to change. i mean, i already moved last september...i have to do this again? what a hassle. and it's weird. i'm going to have to get my act together and learn how to seriously study, study, study. i guess i am excited, yes. but i can't help but be a bit afraid of the change. things are going to change, whether i want them to or not. things will be uncomfortable. i am excited, yes. but still afraid. it's a new chapter. i hope i'm ready. i know my path has been set before me, but i'm realizing that i'm about to step up to the big leagues and seriously commit to it. looking forward to uncertain, but bright days ahead:)

Monday, July 26, 2010

i'll always have you, just like a tattoo.

thanks jordin sparks.
i don't even know where to begin with this post. i don't even know why i haven't said anything about it yet. some people find it hard to talk about their faith in fear of being challenged or mocked by others. but i just want to talk about my relationship with Christ. He's so amazing to me. so so amazing. i feel like sometimes i forget how much He means to me. i think sometimes i forget what it means when i hear that He died for my sins, so that i could be given the gift of grace and return home to heaven. i went on a mission trip recently. i just got back yesterday, and for a week, 200 people met and performed service in Christ's name. it's an incredible feeling. about a week earlier, i made a decision to get a tattoo that reads "Faith". i don't even know how to blog about this. it's not something i can just write down. i want to shout and sing and cry with joy because of Him. i can't sit in a chair and try to type sentences and collaborate with previous sentences without getting caught up and wanting to say something else about Him. I just want everyone who reads this to know how important He is to me. He needs to be spoken about. I love my God. talk to me about Him.

Friday, July 9, 2010

road trips and roadkill.

SummerSummerSummer:) it's happening. i'm in love with it. so far, summer has been quite enjoyable, as it should be due to the fact that it's summer. this summer i hadn't done too much until my dear friend bre and i decided to take a bit of a road trip to the lovely st. george:) some may not enjoy st. george as much as others, but it is quite the place to be when you don't want to deal with's especially great when there is nobody on the third floor of your condo except yourself and your dear chummet:) anyhow, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly while lounging by the pool, or snacking on cheap (but so delicious) potato/macaroni salad. that's how chum and i roll. simply i suppose. then one day we said to ourselves "hey..we've already driven this far...let's day trip it to vegas:)" and so we did. it was bloody hot, but we sure did have a lovely time. i used to hate vegas as a child. welp. not anymore. i almost live for shopping on the strip. however, aside from shopping, i also obtained many life skills. for instance, never be tricked into taking a survey for $35 dollars (it's not worth the time or effort it takes to get to that damn room). when someone asks you if you're gonna "hit the clubs", tell them you're 14. they'll back off. also, never pick a sweaty wedgie in front of drunken men.. get your hands off of me. people on the strip only let you take pictures with their parrots if you pay for it, and you can get a bottled water from random people for a buck. so after an eventful, and successful 5 hours in the city of Lost Wages (Bahahahahah learned that one from my 6th grade teacher), we were ready to head back to st. george. which leads me to my next topic. while traveling state to state, you see a lot of roadkill. and can i just say that i absolutely detest roadkill? it is most likely near the verrrrry top on my list of least favorite things. i was telling my dear companion of this as we continually passed poor, limp animal carcasses, and she laughed and said i should blog about i am..even though she laughed about it.. because you know whaaaat? i'm an animal lover. i almost love baby animals more than baby humans. in fact, i just might. call me what you will..but hey, i just feel that poor little innocent rabbits and quails, and chipmunks, and other sweet and helpless creations should just not be pummeled by massive machines on wheels traveling at 85 miles an hour! come onnnn.. nobody stands a chance against that! let alone the little furry fellas just tryin to follow their mama's back to safety..and then bam!! dead. i just hate it. i just do i say. i say we should all do our part to lessen the amount of roadkill! that's all i ask. until i get the chance to travel to africa to save the world, that's all i've got. k seeyaa.


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