Sunday, October 3, 2010

least favorite thing.

least favorite thing= situations. i hate situations. why? because it's a situation, and i never seem to be able to figure those out. i am in such a rut. such confusion. it's honestly a bit ridic to say the least. i shouldn't be this hot and bothered. i really shouldn't. but guess what. i am. guess why? i'm in a situation. what are you supposed to do when you can't make up your mind, or they can't make up theirs, or maybe they/you already did but you don't even know it? do you wait it out? because that's what i do. my non-action is usually the only solution i can come up with to situations. i sit back and ride it out. usually i do that. i just don't know if i can keep doing that. this situation has really got me annoyed. maybe i don't want to sit back. maybe i want answers. now. ay ay ay. not easy. not fun. i just need to get that off my chest. i just need to blog about a situation that i can't figure out.
to the person i am blogging about- you really don't even deserve to be mentioned in my blog.