Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the holidays 2011 :)

now that fall semester 2011 has finally come to an end,
i am currently back in draper with the family for the holidays :)
it was so nice to come home to a real christmas tree instead of having to to stare at the dinky and unlit excuse of a tree in my apartment. 
and as much as i hate living in the state which claims the greatest snow on earth,
i'm actually surprising myself by wishing for at least a bit of snowfall come christmas morning.

it would seem that i may never want to leave this quaint draper home.
next week i will be leaving for a few days to a faraway land i've never visited before.
a land vast with evergreens, wannabe mountains, and football crazed fans.
it's a surprise though for a certain someone,
so i can't say much for fear of whispering readers ;)

you'll find out soon enough though!!
 should be exciting :)

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