Wednesday, December 14, 2011

you know it's finals week when..

is it really any surprise that i have a comprehensive exam tomorrow morning at 8 am,
and for the past 3-4 hours i have found literally every excuse to not study, all?
however, i have been productive in a few other departments over the past couple of long, and grueling hours..
shall we go in order of occurrence?
  • spent some needed quality time with myself in the shower, razoring away at already shaved legs and wasting Dove conditioner (which i now am out of and have to buy).
  • grocery shop with money i actually do not currently have
    (so long debit account..)
  • engorge myself in the fbook as well as the adorable puppy videos that happen to grace the top of my news feed.
  • successfully remove all existing nail polish, and proceed to repaint both my fingernails and toenails, complete with a sparkly top coat as well as a rapid dry top coat.
  • text the boyfriend for some helpful tips on motivation.
i think it's safe to say i haven't been studying for this final..

so here i sit,
freshly showered and with a stomach gorged on cheap tortilla chips and spinach dip that i really shouldn't have bought,
exhausting my last effort before the last 4-5 hour (tops) crackdown,
followed by a good two hours of useless sleep.

so, if you happen to be one of those sad excuses of a college student,
 who we all know is quietly suffering alone in your apartment, dreading what you know you really can't avoid any longer,
here's a little something to distract you for a good 59 seconds.

omggaaaaawwwwshhhhh so cuuuuute :)))

okay. now get back to work.
wishmeluck! <3

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