Wednesday, December 29, 2010

belated christmas post.

since i am stuck indoors, due to the fact that there is a raging blizzard outside, i decided now would be a great time to catch up with my holiday blogggg.
sorry i'm a few days behind..

there is so much i could say about this amazing holiday.
i love it. absolutely looove it.
it's such a beautiful day.
the day where we gather and celebrate with our families-
all eyes bright with enthusiasm and surprise.
the day that we rejoice at the birth of our Savior.
the day that we give, and share our love and compassion for one another.
such a beautiful day:)
this year, christmas seemed to sneak up on me more than usual.
it seemed that because of finals, and otherrrr distractions,
christmas was at the bottom of my list.
i hardly even remembered it existed.
the one thing i was looking forward to towards the end of the semester-
winter break.
christmas was far from my mind.
although i wasn't feeling much of the usual christmas tradition,
on the 24th of december, i arrived at the 11:00 christmas eve service with my friends and family. 
as i walked into the sanctuary, i was handed a small candle- a part of the christmas tradition.
sitting quietly in the pew, pieces of christmas began to puzzle themselves back together right in front of me.
we began to sing Silent Night, as our candles were lit and raised into the air, one by one.
i glanced around the sanctuary and saw a million tiny flames held high-
rejoicing. celebrating.
such a beautiful holiday.
after a few short hours, christmas morning came.
surprisingly, this was the first year my brother and i weren't up at 6 a.m. begging our parents to jump out of bed and run downstairs.
we took our time, and i slept til about 11:00 or so:)
we opened our presents, and enjoyed each other's company for the day.
i got a lot of great gifts, but a few that stood out were a new iPod nano, a Garmin (GPS), and pepper spray:)
i'm especially excited about the pepper spray.
santa did good this year.

happy birthday baby Jesus.

p.s. fun fact- apparently, Jesus was born sometime in the spring or something, we just celebrate in in the winter. i feel a bit upset that nobody told me this sooner. for all i know, everything i think i know could only be semi-true. way cool.

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  1. it would be fun if you would blog more. i miss your words of perfect wisdom. but it's cool.