Tuesday, December 14, 2010

december baby.

 oh 2010. where did you go.
december is here. it's taken me a bit to realize what that means.
the end of the my first college semester.
i'm in the midst of finals week.
this is so bizarre..
it's been so amazing, and so unforgettable.
i have already gotten so much more out of this experience than i could have ever imagined.
however, as much as i would love it to be, the end of the semester can't be completely positive. 
it doesn't seem fair that a select few i have grown very close to are leaving after this amazing, unforgettable semester.
you know who you are.
i'm going to miss you both so, so much.
luckily, the month-long winter break will come in handy over the period of heartbreak-healing.
i'm excited to spend time with my family, and my old friends.
i think i need it. a lot.
on a side note, i've been listening to a lot of nickel creek lately.
the only thing keeping me sane. but i'm not even kidding.
i think it helps with the coping, and calming throughout this mess of finals, and stress, and the like.
oh december.
to kenz- ohh sweetie. i love you:)
to the Dane- thank you for eeeeverything:)

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  1. old friends? what does that mean...OLD? fine replace me!