Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i recently made a decision.

to finally read this sucker.
it recently came to my attention
(or i've just noticed more prominently)
that i don't know what goes on in the Bible.
due to that i've been attending a new church more often as of late,
i've realized that i actually DO care to read this difficult, but important book.
difficult to read, but nevertheless, important.
it's not that i have absolutely no clue what the Bible contains.
i do.
but the only bits and pieces of this book that i have heard have been spoon-fed to me by my fellow sunday-school-goers or my churchy educators
(and i thank them for teaching me, and helping me understand the bits that i have heard)
but have i ever been able to really establish an opinion?
my own opinion about these stories.
i've recently learned about myself that it is a big deal for me to know and understand the basis of my faith.
regardless of whether i agree with every bit and piece of it or not.
i do not feel any different about my relationship with God.
if anything, i feel it growing stronger as i'm beginning to understand more and more about who He was and is.

so i've already begun,
and because i've never been much of a book-worm,
i'm still in Genesis.
i typically read two or three chapters every night,
and look forward to working through the whole thing.
difficult, but necessary.
what a read.

in other news,
i'm going on a ghost tour tomorrow :))
and i could possibly be the next Park City Ghost Tours tour guide.
so if you were to ask me,
i'd say that's pretty neat.

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