Monday, April 4, 2011

i have something interesting to say today.

friday was my birthday :)
the big 1-9.
keeeewl, huh?
i got a new phone which i just aaaadore with a capital A.
i also got to go out to dinner with the family which is nice,
to none other than my favorite rench-raunch of all time 
The Cheesecake Factory
(classin' it up.)
you will be just simply amazed at the next part of my story.
so birthday-day ends, and saturday arrives.
i'm just hangin' in my dorm with my roomie and you would just never guess what happened.
i received a phone call from my good friend mike.
and you will not just believe what came out of that speaker into that little eager ear of mine.
for those of you who don't know who zak bagans is, or how he pertains to my life, just stop reading now.
you're a shell of a human being, and should be ashamed of yourself.
look him up, then get back here and finish reading because you will just be oh-so impressed.
i then proceeded to "flip out".
asking where he was, why he was there, how they met, what was going on, and how to get there.
he said they were up at brighton ski resort and they just happened to meet..
he then told me that zak and the crew asked him to be in a segment of the GA show.
i demanded that he put me on the phone with my future soul mate,
and was rudely hung up on.
however, the story doesn't end here.
because i am persistent and don't take "no" for an answer,
i then called mike, and waited impatiently until i heard the dial tone break, and faint voices speaking.
and yes,
one of those voices was the voice of 
i put the phone on speaker-phone so my roommate and i could both listen.
after no response to my yelled "HELLO!?" 's into the phone, i realized that mike had answered the phone and left it connected in his hand so i was able to hear a bit of casual convo about cameras and such.
so i about shit my pants right then and there.

but then the absolutely amazing happened,
and i heard the voice of my gem of a friend say something along the lines of
"Can you talk to my friend?... She's like in love with you.."
and then you will never guess who's voice i heard on the line.
i think i started seizing.
he asked me how i was and i said AMAZING 
(because honestly, who isn't amazing when they're on the phone with zak bagans?)
i told him about how my birthday was the day before, and he wished me a Happy Birthday and told me that i share the same birthday with aaron (a crew member, in case you're an idiot and didn't know that), and that his own birthday was in 3 days, on the 5th.
i also told him that he's the reason i am so interested in the paranormal, and that i just might be a park city ghost tour guide. he told me they might have to come down and take a tour with me sometime.
i'm pretty sure a few other things were said, 
but as i was in shock i don't remember them.
hi. best birthday weekend ever.

to BooBoo: thank you for being the best on-your-toes quick thinking roomie and photographing this moment so we can remember it forever.
to the GAC: good luck in your investigation toniiiight ;)

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  1. LOVE this. love everything about this. and you. LOVE you. :)