Tuesday, July 19, 2011

that one place i love.

as mentioned previously,
i recently returned from nearly two weeks in the lovely cabo san lucas.
you could say it was a good time.
i swam with dolphins, went snorkeling & jet-skiing, and went on a fun little dinner cruise.
and for all those times in between,
i was treated with ocean playing, pool lounging, swedish massages (ikea, holla!)
and the hot, mexican sun tanning my pasty, winter body.
also, my cute little ex-roomie kenzie came, 
so that was really just awesome of her to do that :)
it was a really grand time. 
also, if you're ever looking for a confidence boost, 
mexico is the place to be.
i had so many boyfriends.
it's really unfortunate that none of them spoke english,
and even though i weirdly gave them my email
(they asked for it, i'm really not that self-centered i swear)
they never ended up adding me on the fbook..

so now here i sit back in my cozy draper home,
with flaky, once-bronzed skin that now suffers from the lack of humidity.
and i have returned to my fun little ikea job,
with more hours than i had when i left.
but my puppies were stoked to see me.
so that was neat :)

anyhowz, here are some pictorals from the beachy vaca.
i will be returning soon.
my boyfs must miss me terribly..

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