Friday, July 29, 2011

oh that's weird.

so i decided i'm tired of gagging myself every time i look at my incredibly boring/ugly/permanently screwed up blog,
and that i should just get on with my life.
don't get me wrong, i still hate it.
& i am doing everything i can to possibly figure out where i went wrong and what the hell button i pushed.
there are more important things to be discussed.
for example,
and by boys, i mean men.
i must be discreet,
because a smart blogger is discreet about such things.
but can i just say dayum?
like really.
hello sir.

and that's about all i can say about that.
but do not fear that unfulfilled suspense is in your future,
(if you give a damn about what i talk about)
but i will give updates.
discreet ones obviously.
but seriously,
i have to stop talking about this now.

in other news:
i am having a blasty blast this summer in case you were wondering.
work is work.
but the funny thing about work is that after the work is done,
magic money suddenly appears in your checking account.
so that's pretty awesome.
just got paid tonight.
probably spend it on some furniture because i am
into a condo on foothill with my buds in about dos semanas :)
(two weeks for you non-espanol speakers.)
 you could say i'm stoked.

i had a lovely evening at one of the many twilight series concerts this evening.
(not the book/movie. get your head on straight.)
but these concerts are the bomb.
not only because they're free,
but because they feature bands i have never even heard of in my life.
and then i fall in love with them.
so i guess you could say this summer truly has been a romantic one thus far.
i'll post some pics soon :)

but not now.

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