Saturday, August 27, 2011

because i'm egotistical like that.

you will notice some pretty sassy photos of myself in the heading.
yeah.. i know i look good.

and just for your liking,
i have one or two more photos i'd like to share:
this here is my dear friend cade.
i don't believe i've ever mentioned cade on the bloggity,
but we have recently become quite close.
this is us at the Bright Eyes concert :)
i do love him!
this is katie :)
she was my baking assistant at one point in time on the bloggity.
it was her birthday yesterday :)
and i know your ears are longing to hear something truly lovely,
so don't worry.
i've provided that little something that will surely vibrate your tympanic membrane.
(part of your inner ear.. get your mind out of the gutter.)

i'm currently working my way through learning this by ear on le piano,
because as it turns out,
you can't purchase the sheet music in this country..

it's a bitch,
but ain't it a beauty?


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