Tuesday, August 2, 2011

just thought i'd show off.

my latest baking experiments were a complete success.
this is what i like to call show and tell time.
creamy caprese pasta.
you could say this was a hit.
and these babies?
peach cupcakes with brown sugar-cream cheese frosting.
hellz yeah.

i wish i could say i can completely take credit for both of these insanely delicious recipes,
but alas,
i cannot.
however, if interested, you can find them
here & here.
i seriously recommend giving these suckers a shot.
i found them well worth the long hours in la cocina.
(aka. the kitchen.)
-brushing up on espanol via blog post is never a bad idea in my opinion-

now for the juicy bid-ness.
as mentioned a few previous posts ago,
i made a comment about a certain thing involving something along the lines of a man.
and i realize i promised updates.
so as promised,
update #1: ?

i think that about covers it.


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