Monday, November 1, 2010

i hate fudge.

What is your favorite Kool-Aid flavor? the blue kind. 
like a laptop? uhh yeahh. 
my bro's soccer game against La Roca. booooooooo.
honestly, after an incident in New Orleans, i hate fudge. 
like gets all foamy? yes. in fact, i would like to try out that new toothpaste i saw on tv the other day, i think it's Crest, but supposedly it gets super foamy and gets allllll the plaque around your gums and stuff. 
i believe that if God wills it, then yes. if not, then no. 
i lost my ipod:(
i don't think so..
uh yeah. as long as it's not excessive and crazy..i think..
long time ago. shame. 
i don't even know. i don't think i necessarily think of anything as being overrated. 
sure do:) marissalynne1. skype me. 
white with pixelated, black butterflies on it:)
i don't remember. 
myself. i make the same mistakes over and over and expect different results each time. 
sure do:)
ohhh. i don't know how old she is. 
if i had to get a tattoo it would be the one i already have that says Faith and is on my left shoulder blade. 
what the?
highlighter yellow. 
KLOVE or AirOne. 
a small black on that works. 
currently? 0. 
don't think so. 
about 2 or so weeks ago. 
there have been too many things to name one. 
a little over a year. 
never read the newspaper. 
spiders, chainsaws and needles. 
not usually. 
not really bad, just really short. 
i'm not sure. i've seen a lot of scary movies and i love them. i thought the second Paranormal Activity was pretty terrifying in theaters. i loved it. 
attempted and failed. 
i do noooot. 
a long time ago.
i...don't know..
my birthday is on april fool's day, sooooo yeah:)

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