Sunday, November 21, 2010

rock me mama like a wagon wheel.

this paper isn't going to get written. 
college is honestly wearing me out these days. it's time for a break.
a much needed break. 
THANKSgiving. thank you for the break. that is why i am giving thanks this year.
i'm ready to escape to vegas for 4 days this thursday.
how i do enjoy the old vegas. 
it was a weary day today.
it's snowy.
i hope there's no snow in vegas.
it's alright from indoors i suppose.
i suppose the white blanket can be appealing when i'm not trampling all over it.
apparently i'm just confused.
i've turned my room into a sauna so the chill from outside won't creep through my window.
walk into my room and you'll pass through a wall of heat.
my roommates think i'm crazy:)
so instead of writing my paper tonight, 
i've succeeded in repainting both my finger & toenails, made a bowl of mashed potatoes (and a turkey sandwich to compliment it), sipped on hot cocoa, and vented to kenz about stupid shit.
this paper isn't going to get written.
oh. did i mention i'm cursed?
i am. totally. i totally am.
ask me how much of this 7-9 pg paper i've written.
actually, don't ask.
because it's too much of an embarrassment and i don't want to talk about it, okay?
mel and i uploaded more youtube vids.
one of them has become semi-famous i suppose you could say at a whopping
293 views!!! (and counting.)
we super love our biggest fans.
especially the ones who tell us to dance in somethin a little tighter,
like panties. or bikinis.
thanks for your creeper messages. 
don't worry, we definitely User Blocked you suckers.
next big thing. i'm tellin ya.
we're gonna be on ellen. and dr. phil.
maybe we'll make t-shirts. any requests?
this paper isn't going to get written.
- to the pilgrims and the indians: thanks for existing so i can have a few extra days of school off.
- to the paper: go to hell.

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