Thursday, June 2, 2011

feliz cumplianos a mis perros.

cutesy little white daisy look-a-likes we saw on our walk today :)

birthday boy #1: benjamin button.

birthday boy #2: owenski. 

which translated means happy birthday to my two darling puppies,
who coincidentally turned two today :)
(today being June 1st, as of course, i am up late writing this, and haven't slept yet, so today, in my case, could still be considered the 1st.)
we went on a lovely walk this morning,
which at one point resulted in a minor leash rope burn injury on my left pointer and middle finger,
and played fetch for a good part of the day
(although their version of fetch usually consists of me throwing the ball, and them semi-returning it to me about 3 or so feet away, so i am actually fetching the ball to throw it for them again).
they feasted on a few lovely gifts of meatball and doggie brownie treats,
 and enjoyed their Cesar selects fancy dog dinners.
overall, i'd say it was a successful day.
happy birthday boys :)

- to owen: it's okay that you accidentally destroyed my fingers this morning. and thank you for always being the calm puppy that i can rely on when senior spaz-attack benjamin is busy having social seizures.
you're as sweet as pie. <3
- to benjamin: i'd say we had quite a lovely time today, except when you semi wanted to attack the horse we saw on our walk. but you were super verbal today and i really enjoyed that.
never change. <3
- to the grandpa in the garden: i apologize for the out of  control cursing that occurred right after the rope burn incident.
i could tell you were just horrified. 

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