Tuesday, June 21, 2011

say hello to your kitchen's newest addition.

i went on a baking rampage today.
i guess that's what happens when you work 3 days a week,
and all your friends are unavailable for one reason or another.
no one in this family is complaining.
because my latest hobby took over my life this evening,
and the end products were quite tasty to say the least.
a little something called pumpkin pie bars.
and these little suckers in the oven are called oatmeal cranberry white chocolate chunk cookies. 
and yes.
they are delicious.
all 24 of them.

so maybe i'm a baking machine.
but we're okay with that.

coming to a kitchen near you.


  1. YUMMY YUMMY! Sorry I am a friend who was a loser and could not play. But I have a good excuse! Lets play ASAP...im getting bored. These look so yummy! you are so cute. you are my friend. and I am on pain pills. ps: love the new photo. we should have a photo session soon with my new camera Gwendolyn. that's what I decided to name the camera. love you