Sunday, June 12, 2011

just call me chef miller.

so i've been baking a lot lately.
i couldn't tell you why,
but for some odd reason, i've recently decided i am the next iron chef,
or cupcake wars champ,
or some other food network up-and-comer.
these days, 
i'm operating my own in-home bistro, pastry shop &
 up-scale restaurant. 
i've suddenly got this urge to spend all of my time in the kitchen and on stumbleupon hunting for new recipes to add to my ever-growing collection of favorites.
not to say that every one of my food creations has exceeded expectations
(the chili gruel concoction i whipped up the other night was less than okay)
but for the most part,
i must say i am quite impressed with myself. 
for example,
the other night mother and i made homemade cinny buns.
(and just so you know they were DAMN good.)
and if you were to ask me if we made our own bread, i would say
heeeelz yea we did!
so check it out.
absolute perfection.
and because i like showing off so much,
here are a few of my other successes. 
so you should look at them.
bre and i made these the other day.
i can't take all the credit because that would be cruel considering how delish they were.

steamed asparagus.
who cares if it makes your pee smell funky?
uhh yeah. not me.
so i like food and i like making food.
have i put on 10 lbs in the past 3-4 days?

(that means 'hello' in swedish, aka the native language relative to my new place of work.)
i'm bi-lingual and bi-cultural now.
get on my level.


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