Sunday, August 29, 2010

1 + 2= 12. yes. check.

college has proven to be many things so far. informative, confusing, terrifying, testing, awesome, lonely..just to name a few. my first week on my own was chalk full of ups & downs. for example, losing my Ucard and key to my room on the second day of classes was truly excellent. really. loved it. thank you housing office for making it apparent that i am an idiot. i realize this. however, thank you also for helping me fill out a meal verification card so i don't starve, giving me a temporary key and Ucard, and ordering a change of locks on every door in my dorm for the price of 60 big ones. you all are too fun, and i will be sure to never make that mistake again. on the other hand, i have also come across many great things this past week. i've run into old friends, made some amazing new friends, grocery shopped on my own, and learned some valuable lessons. already. it's been great. difficult, stressful, and weird, but nonetheless, great. i am definitely excited for the year to come. now for a few dedications.
to skype: thank you for keeping me in touch with my friends. i would perish without you.
to mom & dad: thank you for bringing up the puppies today and supplying me with everything i could ever need for the year ahead. oh and thanks for loving me. duh.
to all the food i bought this week: thank you for nurturing my body with your salty and sugary goodness. i am looking forward to all the extra pounds you have in store for me.
to the scented bamboo sitting on my shelf: every time i walk in my room and take in your citrusy goodness i just die.
to my incredibly big and ugly backpack: although i dislike you extremely so, i must admit you have done a great job of safely hauling my massive laptop and heavy books from class to class. however, try to be easier on the shoulders, or you will be seeing less and less of college campus.
to my amazing roomies: i love you all to death. even though your drunken friends are somewhat out of control, they still entertain me, and i love listening to your stories about their everyday nonsense. you all make me laugh hard, and i love it when you sit in my room with me and snack on my goodies:)
to all boys: grow up and turn into men. some things never change.
to the university shuttles: thank you for shipping me from place to place on a regular basis. my body would not survive without you.
to the college campus: good times are in store for us. i just know it.

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