Wednesday, August 4, 2010

74 and counting. a list of things i love.

alright. so after being nagged by one of my closest friends (court), i will now also become intoxicated by happy. overjoyed by a few things i love to love. here's a small list of a few of the many things that intoxicate me with happiness:) 
(in no particular order)
1. wearing absolutely no makeup.
2. my old, nasty mickey mouse sweatshirt that i got at the D.I. for 2 buckaroons.
3. putting my hair in a crazy ugly bun and not caring.
4. rapping all the words to my favorite eminem songs.
5. hanging out with my mom.
6. long talks with my mom.
7. the PINK collection from victoria's secret.
8. coming up with creative ideas for photo shoots and capturing them.
9. causing people joy even though the cause of joy may be my own pain (e.g. wisdom teeth, falling over wheelchair ramps).
10. my new laptop.
11. thinking about what the future holds for me.
12. Christ.
13. nail polish.
14. clearance items.
15. indian/hispanic inspired clothing.
16. my tattoo.
17. chapstick.
18. working at a nacho joint where my boss is my friend, and someone i always share many great conversations with.
19. all animals in general. (spiders are not animals.)
20. the way my teeth feel after brushing and flossing.
21. the way hot, hot water feels on my skin during a shower after showering in cold community showers for a week.
22. my queen sized bed.
23. participating in charity efforts.
24. singing.
25. cafe rio's pork salads.
26. spending time with my oldest best friends.
27. spending time with my newest best friends.
28. when my brother and i sincerely enjoy each other's company.
29. dreaming of my wedding day while watching "Say Yes to the Dress".
30. dancing like a fool in public and not caring one bit about it.
31. being a bit out there.
32. saying what's on my mind and meaning every word of it.
33. standing up for what i believe in regardless of what anyone decides of it.
34. knowing what i stand for.
35. walking throughout my house, my back yard, or out to my car in nothing but my bra and panties.
36. being slightly provocative in public when i feel like it.
37. knowing that no matter what others think of me, i will never fail to be myself.
38. when my dad and i share our love of babies and non-annoying toddlers while (unintensionally creepily) staring and goo-goo-ga-ga-ing over other people's children in public.
39. reminiscing on old memories.
40. when my sweet puppies lay next to me and cuddle with me when i cry.
41. when my sweet puppies lay next to me and cuddle with me when the thunder scares the shit out of them.
42. giving makeovers.
43. drawing fake tattoos.
44. writing in cursive.
45. working out in spandex with paul.
46. walking along the waikiki strip.
47. going to frogurt and filling my cup up so much that it nearly overflows with toppings and deliciousness.
48. driving through the canyons by myself with the windows and sunroof down, while john mayer plays softly in the air.
49. laying in the sun.
50. swimsuit shopping.
51. waking up at a decent hour and feeling absolutely alive and refreshed.
52. holding hands.
53. wearing clothes that don't fit me.
54. my freckles.
55. driving through pouring rain, crackling thunder, and lighting in the middle of nowhere.
56. compliments.
57. spending time with certain people, doing and saying nothing, but still being perfectly content in the other's prescence .
58. amazing conversations.
59. letting go of grudges.
60. adorable panties.
61. wearing no panties.
62. movies that make me cry and cry because i can feel the reality in them.
63. putting my possible future childrens' names in my phone under a list of "baby names:)".
64. how safe and content i feel while lying in bed after a long and satisfying day.
65. knowing that i'm smarter than i often give myself credit for.
66. reading and hearing meaningful poetry.
67. all the material i managed to soak in during my senior year of english.
68. the fact that i am a soft-hearted and emotional girl who continually gives compassion and love to those around her, and even though it isn't always returned, it means no less to the ones who aren't ready to accept it.
69. how excited i am to see the movie "Eat. Pray. Love."
70. that many of my friends trust me enough to come to me when in need of a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a voice of advice, or arms to be wrapped in.
71. raw and honest relationships.
72. that my mom brought me lortab at 4:30 in the morning last night (due to my wisdom teeth pain), and layed with me in bed until i was able to fall asleep.
73. my incredible sony dslr camera. i love you.
74. exotically flavored yogurt.

i may add to this list later if anything else occurs to me.
a list of a few things that i love to love.
what a lovely little list.