Thursday, August 12, 2010

you would take pictures too.

so here's the thing. a few weeks ago, my family and i were having a shed built in our backyard. not a big deal. however, i come home from a sleepover and i find THIS in my backyard. CLEARLY A BIG DEAL. here's my outlook on the whole phenomenon. as a photographer, it's my duty to capture the beautiful things in life. things i am passionate for. things i love to look at. things i know others will love to look at. such as other girls or gay men. I HAD TO PHOTOGRAPH HIM. how could i not? seriously. how could i not. answer that question. YOU CAN'T. this doesn't happen in real life!! this never happens! you never come home and find a so magnificently sculpted bronze god in your backyard shirtless and carrying power tools. it just doesn't happen. this is the kind of thing that happens in movies only. the kind of thing that makes you stare at the TV screen and think to yourself, "this is so not fair." no. it happened. he was there. merely 20 feet away from me. and so i took it upon myself to fulfill the duty of photographer. and you know what? i'm not ashamed! sure, it's a mildly creepy thing to do. but hey. just look at the paparazzi! they get paid to do creepy things like this! anyway, feel free to gander, enjoy, and experience the world of what we all thought was impossible. because if you were given this opportunity, and you had an expensive camera with a super zoom lens, you would take pictures too.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA i am so grateful that you took these wonderful pictures. they are just lovely. yes. i would take pictures too. i think you have a future in paparazzi maridge.

  2. i love that you call me maridge. and i also love these pictures. but honestly, who wouldn't?